Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Wonderful Wedding in Reading!

May is a month to be merry for sure, so what better time of year for a right good knees up and the joining of hands in marriage?!!

Louise and Graham were married in a beautiful ceremony at Pincents Manor in Reading, right here in the Royal County of Berkshire.

Watched by their families and their closest friends, Louise and Graham sparkled with fun and life and, of course, their love!

The rain held off, the sun came out, the smiles were everywhere and the day went so fast I felt like I was in this huge wave of happiness and it felt great!!!

Wedding photography is really hard work... I mean, really physically hard work! I could barely move for about 3 days after; my thigh muscles and shoulders and arms were burning!

Constantly looking for not only the classic, beautiful shots, but also the unposed, unaware and charming shots... the ones that really sparkle with the magic of the day, the ones that make the wedding special and personal.

But why the aching muscles?

Well, I use a fairly hefty camera for a start, and I also get myself in awkward and quite uncomfortable positions to get better angles or to get better backgrounds.

Spending a few solid hours in such positions and holding the camera in portrait mode for a lot of the time can get pretty tiring on weedy muscles like mine!

I suppose I could go to the gym or do more to keep fit, but hey ho, all that just eats into time that I'd much rather use to take my camera out for a walk!!!

So, weddings are hard work, but wow, I love it! It's so much worth the pain!! Congratulations to Louise and Graham, and all the best for a very long and happy future together!

Rebecca, X

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